Pantec GS Systems products are designed for efficiency considering speed, width, robustness and fast job change. Unlike normal finishing units Pantec GS Systems machines are normally keeping up with the required speed of a press. So they can be integrated in-line into any press or alternatively can be used off-line - just depending on the business case.


In-line Integration

If the typical business is low to medium volume, short delivery times and high pressure on margins, then inline processing is the solution to increase profits:


  • Jobs can be done in one single pass
  • The lead time is shortend
  • Handling is reduced
  • Paper waste is minimzed

Off-line Integration

Whenever it‘s up to mass production, where offline is normally a bottle neck, Pantec GS Systems machines break the existing rules. With mechanical speeds up to 150m/min refining is much more efficient than with currently available finishing equipment.