Pantec GS Systems Review Labelexpo 2015

Refining reaches new level: hotfoiling and application of holograms and patches with matchless efficiency

(05. October 2015). Pantec GS Systems today announced the successful participation at Labelexpo 2015 in Brussels. The specialist for efficient high quality refining presented the further increased efficiency of their solutions RHINO™ and SWIFT™ and the enhanced possibilities with the in-line application of holograms and patches in flatbed and rotary.

The show highlight was the newly introduced RHINO™ II. With an increased speed of 25´000 cycles/hour RHINO™ II manufacturers 2-step designs with up to 84 m/min and 3-step design with up to 57 m/min. A second stepping servo also further improves the saving potential for hot foil. For demanding multi-step designs RHINO™ II now provides 6 individually controllable heating zones which allow maximum flexibility in heat management. Furthermore RHINO™ II can be optionally upgraded for the registered application of prestigious holograms and patches.

Peter Frei, CEO of Pantec GS Systems, summarizes: “RHINO™ is the worldwide proven flatbed in-line foil embossing system series that revolutionized the wine and spirit label market in the last 5 years. Dozens of systems run integrated in more than ten different printing presses in all major globally active firms and local specialist houses. RHINO™ II is the continued development of our flagship. We are aware that others try to follow, but we are happy to get the customer feedbacks that RHINO™ remains unique in terms of profitability and quality.”

With live demonstrations of RHINO™ and SWIFT™ Pantec GS Systems attracted interested parties from segments like wine and cosmetic/healthcare labels. SWIFT™, the foil saver on the rail, persuaded the visitors with foil saving at 20 foil feed cycles / second (web speed of 60 m/min), additionally complemented with the insetting of registered patches.

But also printers from the security business took keen interest in the efficiency of tax stamp foiling with SWIFT™ and the manufacturing of labels with combined embossing and application features on RHINO™ II. CEO Peter Frei: “We are very happy about the feedback of security printers to RHINO™ II. The register application of holograms and patches, the length- and crosswise stamping of foils and the application of microembossing and multi-level 3D embossing make RHINO™ II a viable option for the safety market."