RHINO™ photographic material

RHINO™ close ups

RHINO™ flat bed hotfoil embossing system

The benefits of RHINO™  are based on flat bed technology

Rotating foil head of RHINO™ allows length- and crosswise application of the foil

RHINO™ integrated to printing press

RHINO™ integrated to Rotatek Brava press

RHINO™ integrated to Nilpeter MO-4

RHINO™ integrated to Gallus RCS

RHINO™ samples

With a high dwell time RHINO™  achieves excellent embossing quality also on difficult, textured paper

Due to enormous embossing power and high precision RHINO™  achieves amazing microembossing effects

With its‘s Multistroke function RHINO™ produces multi-color combined with complex embossing designs in one single pass