RHINO™ II: More speed, more possibilities

Pantec GS Systems enhances the RHINO™ flat bed embossing series with the release of RHINO™ II

25´000 cycles/hour. 2 foil saving servos. 6 heating areas. RHINO™ II is the perfect choice whenever high quality labels with demanding, complex multistep designs shall be manufactured in-line on fast narrow web presses. 

RHINO™ I, the worldwide proven flatbed inline foil embossing system, was introduced by Pantec GS Systems in 2010 and revolutionized the wine and spirit label market. Today, dozens of systems run integrated in presses of the top 10 printing press manufacturers in all major globally active firms and local specialist houses. 

RHINO™ II is the logical progression of this market changing flatbed embossing system, fulfilling the increasing requirements regarding efficiency and quality. With a mechanical speed of 150 m/min, RHINO™ II manufacturers 2-step designs with up to 84 m/min and 3-step designs with up to 57 m/min and allows in-line manufacturing of complex labels at exceptional efficiency. 

With the new RHINO™ II, Pantec GS Systems also provides new design capabilities and an even more efficient usage of the stamping foils. The adapted foil head offers two independently working foil feeds which are used to optimize the foil usage to the stamping design, resulting in an even higher saving efficiency. Furthermore on, hologram and patches can optionally be applied in register at very high accuracy. For demanding multi-step designs RHINO™ II now provides 6 individually controllable heating zones for a maximum flexibility in heat management.   

The first installation, an integration of RHINO™ II to a Nilpeter MO4, will become operational in February 2016.