The e-pack CHEETAH F 850 stands out with its excellent price-performance ratio.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

by Pascal Robache

On March 28th, 2014 in ChuXiong, Yunnan Province, China, Pantec GS Systems held a seminar for over 200 guests where attendees were given the opportunity to learn of the Pantec development, significant for the Tobacco Packaging Industry. Introduced was the e-pack 850 offline profitable hologram insetting and hot foil stamping in one. Eight individual foils (in which two were hologram streams) with three independent foil saving motion modes, demonstrated how complex patterns can now be fabricated simultaneously with a CHEETAH system. High speed foil saving with precision targeted hologram placement synchronized 20 stamps per second and produced highly sophisticated, attractive designs at an impressive speed of 105m/min.
Local Chinese Pantec specialists informed the audience about the advantages of having a rotary hot foil / hologram stamping system with an advanced foil saver in one as compared to the foil consumption of sheet fed machinery and their foil consumption on the same tobacco brand. The fascinating capability of this cutting edge technology is the amount of flexibility it offers to the market. Three foil saving and two holograms with one small module only. CHEETAH allows an inline integration into new printing presses, retrofit into existing printing presses or it comes with a complete Pantec offline machine with unwinder and rewinder.
Peter Frei, CEO of Pantec Switzerland, said in his introduction to the audience: “China has unbelievably developed and grown in the past two decades. The standard of living and costs have enormously increased, therefore facing the same challenges like Switzerland and other western countries. Due to this, efficiency and productivity oriented machinery is needed. CHEETAH is a value mean to keep printing businesses and their customers ahead in their industry.”