SHEETCUT™: Best cutting quality without changing formats or tools

SHEETCUT™ provides best cutting quality without changing formats or tools.



  • Format change digital, without knife change
  • Knife driven by servo drive
  • Stepless size adjustment
  • As compact module into any printing machine applicable 
  • Cross- perforate possible, demands knife change
  • Print mark necessary for register-exact cutting 
  • The web speed synchronized with the printing machine electronically or by an encoder

SheetCut™: Technical Data

Mandrei Type Maximum Format
Servo drive (without change wheels) yes
Max. web width 570 mm
Splice table operated pneumatically yes
Format variability yes
End of roll sensor yes
Automatic web tension control yes
Cross- perforation possible yes
Max. cutting format 33"

Maximum speed

12" 120m/min
13" 150 m/min
14 - 32" 200 m/min
33" 190 m/min