The improvements in cold foil technology resulted in more and more competition for hot foil. Due to the higher tooling costs in hot foiling compared to a flexo cliché for cold foiling, many brand owners and printers relinquished the higher brilliance and better fine line quality of hot foil for the benefit of economy.

But there is a major factor of economy that is often not considered: Hot foiling with a powerful foil saving system quickly overcomes the breakeven point between the costs of cold foiling and hot foiling. Despite the higher tooling costs in hot foiling, hot foiling may become much more competitive than cold foiling. Because the foil saving not only covers the tooling costs, it generates profit. Moreover, the higher brilliance, the sharper edges, etc. make a positive differentiation in quality.

Solutions to substitute cold foil by hot foil in narrow web


SWIFT™ is a powerful hot foil saver and can additionally be equipped for patch and hologram insetting. It can be used with the Pantec hot foil stamping systems FLOWMAN™ or ELECTROMAN or can be integrated onto rotary hot foil stamping systems which are already in the press. SWIFT™ is designed to be mounted onto the rail and can be moved to different positions along the press.
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The combination of SWIFT with the rotary stamping systems FLOWMAN™ or ELECTROMAN™ gives you a powerful cold foil substitution solution if you do not have a rotary hot foil system yet.

FLOWMAN™: is a rotary stamping system with an oil heated mandrel.
ELECTROMAN™: is a rotary stamping system with an electrically heated mandrel.

Both systems fit perfectly for narrow web presses.

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Are you curious if you can increase your profits by substitution of cold foil with hotfoil stamping?